Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use Shoot Alike?

Shoot Alike is totally safe to use. Its scanning hash algorithms make sure only the actual duplicates are listed. Also, Shoot Alike does not permanently erase the duplicates, it only puts them to Trash.

Can certain files or folders be excluded from Shoot Alike scan?

Yes, files and folders can be added to the exclusion list in the Preferences.

Can removable drives be scanned ?

Yes, Shoot Alike can scan external as well as removable media.

After I cleaned duplicates by Shoot Alike Finder still shows the same amount of free space on my drive. Have I gained any disk dpace?

Shoot Alike puts the deleted duplicates to the Trash such that, if required, you can easily restore them. However, if you are sure you donʼt need the deleted files, empty the Trash folder and you will gain the occupied disk space.

In Multi Select option not all duplicates are selected?

By default, in Multi Select option only the files that are not contained in the iTunes directory are selected. If you want Multi Select to select all the duplicate files, irrespective of the file present in the iTunes directory, you may go to the Preferences and there uncheck the option “Never auto select item(s) present in iTunes directory”.

Does Shoot Alike support scanning iPhoto for duplicates?

This feature will be implemented in the next releases of Shoot Alike.

How to Uninstall Shoot Alike

Drag Shoot Alike app from the Applications folder to Trash to uninstall.